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Y-3 Honja Hi

Contre les tortures & maltraitances sur les chaises en belgique!

Au cas où vous seriez pour:

Ha Ho Ho Ha!

Don't fool away & choose "An Overdose Of Awesomeness TV" pour rester aware!

Ass kick on your foot!

"Two pairs of used Levi's jeans are used to create each pair of these unique recycled shoes. By Levi's."

Source: Denymology.

Kate Moche

The new issue of bi-annual art magazine TAR has been released and even without looking inside the issue already starts strong. Damien Hirst created the cover art, which features super model Kate Moss. Further features include pieces on Spike Jonze, Phillippe Stark, Ryan McGinley and others. 
You can purchase the new issue now at colette.

Come to Gucci

The new Gucci Fragrance's Commercial by Chris Cunningham.

"Aphex Twin's Come to Daddy by Chris Cunningham" -

"Gucci by Gucci by David Lynch" -