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Trash Fashion - Rave Dave via hupendi muziki

Trash Fashion - Why Can’t We Be Friends via trash menagerie

Trash Fashion - Mom & Daddy (The London Punks Remix) via (low quality)

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WED 30/4 - Trash Fashion Live @Nu-Rockers/Fête du Progrès

Trash Fashion are Karateka's!

Why Can't We Be Friends?

Trash Fashion's Amazing Karate Tricks

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Wednesday 30th April 2008
Trash Fashion @Nu-Rockers Live / Fête du Progrès

Remember This?

The famous Trash Fashion video clip from late August 2007 :


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It's a Rave, Brussels!

Like an exploding blender chucking out glutinous smoothie mix, prepare to be doused with swathes of Warehouse Rock as quartet Trash Fashion continue their path to world domination with the release of the "Why Can't We be Friends" EP!

The New EP’s title track Why Can’t We Be Friends?, demonstrates a new depth to the band’s sonic landscape and marks a move towards the dark side. Trash Fashion’s evolved sound stands shoulder-to-shoulder with such genre bashing contemporaries as Hadouken!, The Ghost Frequency and The Horrors. The new material is a heady cocktail of grinding guitars, thunderous bass, spiralling synths and shattering vocals with a darker lyrical content.

Formed as a 2-piece in 2004 brothers Jet Storm (vocals) and Mason Storm (guitar) have fleshed out their act, joined now by K-Bomb (Bass) & Bam Bam (Drums). With a fusion of diverse influences (dance, rock, rave, emo, hardcore, hair metal) Trash Fashion have created a unique, catchy and attention-grabbing sound.

Their incendiary 4-man, full band, live show has seen them playing massive shows at The Scala, AITBF @ Canvas, supporting Faithless @ Birmingham NIA, Rio Club in Berlin, Vega in Copenhagen and Cinespace in L.A. as well as a number of dates across Europe and a 2-week tour in the US.

Trash Fashion have built up a huge gang of followers, creating a colourful scene in their wake. Their first single was given a limited DIY 10” only release in December 2006 and quickly sold out – sending 1000 copies of luminous yellow vinyl into the world.

Wednesday 30th April 2008
Trash Fashion @Nu-Rockers Live / Fête du Progrès

Super Super: Convincingly menacing and cute, Trash Fashion are Motley Crue meets The Muppet Show with a splash of Beastie Boys chucked in the mix

NME: Unlike the scene Trash Fashion really know how to throw a party!

The Times: The scene has it's own pin-up - Jet Storm, the singer from Trash Fashion.

Kissy Sell Out, Radio 1: The best thing to come out of Birmingham, I love this band - go and see Trash Fashion!

Disorder Magazine: Trash Fashion are Nu Rave’s answer to Duran Duran... Rawk it does!!

Nu Rockers 22/3 Party Videos !

Despite the quality (phone camera :) ) it still gives a nice idea of our parties :)

Enjoy ! Much love


Just Say Yes:

Don Rimini:



HAVE FUN !! to check out all kinds of party pix !

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Nu-Rockers Club Tonight! (Saturday 12-4-2008)

Pour ceux qui ne le sauraient pas encore,, La deuxième édition du Nu-Rockers Club c'est ce samedi 12 avril 2008!

The Bulgarian - Jack Union / South Africa
Congorock - Don't Fuck About / Italy
Narco Boys, Just Say Yes! & Gump
23h / 10€

Et on peut déjà vous dire qu'avec un Bulgare qui nous vient (quasi) tout droit d'Afrique du Sud, et l'autre Congorock du pays de Crookers,, y'a peu de chance qu'on les revoit la semaine prochaine!

Donc si vous ne voulez pas rater ça, c'est ce soir au Nu-Rockers Club @ rue Fossé aux Loups 12 Wolvengracht - Brussels!

Who is The Bulgarian?

The Bulgarian is the business of dropping big beats, both on and off the Potty Mouth Music roster. With a production career that spans more than 10 years, his first release as The Bulgarian in December 2006 quickly became a best seller for the Second Session label on Since then, he’s taken his bass-heavy, fidget house sound to some of the most respected artists in the business.

The Bulgarian’s road to success began 10 years ago in Cape Town, South Africa. Here, he discovered his passion for making music in his computer. In 2003, he volunteered to help out at the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy in Cape Town, where he immersed himself in varied genres of electronic music. With his new exposure, The Bulgarian ditched his dnb sound to open up a music studio. After two-and-a-half years of moderate success and a European holiday packed with inspiration, the aspiring producer decided it was time to shake things up by focusing on his productions—and thus was born "The Bulgarian".

The success of his Second Session release as The Bulgarian, led him to him signing an EP onto London’s On the Brink Recordings. Additionally, the glitch-heavy remix of the original Troydon track “I Wanna Tell Ya” continues to haunt club audiences with its hollow vocals backed by his relentless reworked bass.

The Bulgarian’s artistic inspiration carries over into production work as Mr.Elastik, a more minimal-inspired sound with a techno make-up. He also collaborates with his former studio partner as Tone Deaf Junkies, who released their debut album last year. Its eclectic electronic style ranges from glitch to electrostep dnb, along with a new self-dubbed sound The Bulgarian calls “Kwaitech.” “It’s a tech derivative of South Africa’s native Kwaito sound,” he says.

In addition to his success in the studio, The Bulgarian has held numerous club residencies, including Voltage in Cape Town and Homegrown at Mercury Live. In May 2007, he was featured on Andy Mac’s prestigious Cream Radio show, where he joined the mixing ranks of some of the world’s most acclaimed DJs and producers. His self-recorded “Slutty Fringe Selection” mix also enjoyed a 7,000 downloads in its first two weeks as an internet blog release.

The Bulgarian finds a place on the Potty Mouth Roster with help from his unconventional thump-and-bump sound. Using elements of glitch, sleaze and tech, The Bulgarian deconstructs conventional house and remasters the beats with what he calls “mad lines.”

“I bring a unique kind of mental craziness to the sound with lots of big bass and hungry energy,” he says.

It’s fidget house that buzzes as loudly as the peak-hour dance floor.

The Bulgarian Myspace
Mr.Elastik Myspace
Potthy Mouth Myspace
Feta Recordings Myspace

For more info you can also check out this interview on Disturbed Beats

The Bulgarian @ Nu-Rockers Club this saturday 12th April 2008.

Britta Uschkamp

Britta Uschkamp, créatrice de lingerie féminine nous invite aux récréations coquines.
Issue de l’IFM et du London College of Fashion and Middlesex University, Britta Uschkamp a notament travaillé pour J.Maskrey, Givenchy ou encore J.C de Castelbajac avant de lancer sa ligne de lingerie cousue main.
Depuis son plus jeune âge, elle s’intéresse aux histoires érotiques en publiant des essais à vingt ans. Aujourd’hui elle continue dans ses écrits chez Nuke ou Penthouse.

Sa collection, faite de petites culottes, de strings, de soutiens-gorge et de menottes tout en soie, satin et lycra incitent à la créativité. Chaque sous-vêtement se fait et se défait au gré du moment et pourquoi pas du jeu !
Une créatrice qui n’a pas fini de faire parler d’elle !


What is this?!

Tu veux me voir?

New Bape website

This is actually good news. For those of you that have been on the Bape website, you know that you always had to download a file and then play it on your desktop. This resulted in a really nice looking presentation, but overall it was just annoying and time consuming.
Finally, Bape has launched their new website, which is easy to navigate.
Check it out!

source high snobiety

Interview Exclusive: Shadow Dancer (Boys Noize)

NR (Nu-Rockers/Happydays): Hey Shadow Dancer, thanks for sparring us a little time to answer the questions ! So how did you come about being a DJ?

SD (Nu-Rockers): No problem ;-) My main inspiration to get some decks and learn how to DJ came from a copy of Jeff Mills' 'Live At The Liquid Rooms' that my brother gave me years ago. I'd been making music since I was a kid but genuinely had no idea you couldbeat mix the records together until I heard was so alien and exciting. My brother, Al, and I started doing mixes using two ordinary CD players and a cassette player until I could
afford some decks.....

NR: Who are your biggest influences, notonly in the electro scene but in all the genres that exist ?
SD: Probably......between 1994-1996 Al and I were heavily into the electronica of Warp Records and a lot of techno, especially Carl Craig, Autechre, Dave Clarke, Hardfloor, B12, Drexciya, Joey Beltram, Orbital, Green Velvet......I think they were a huge (though not obvious) influence on us. We don't sound anything like them, but the "Shadow Dancer"sound originally came from the idea of taking the dynamic of pure electronic music and making it more song-structured (so that, even though the tracks had no lyrics, they would still follow a kind of verse-chorus-verse pattern. I don't know if we were entirely successful with that plan, though).
We also listened to a lot of pop, drum & bass, dub, jazz, indie and film scores so they may all have sneaked their way into some of our music. We used to make tracks by playing everything by hand onto tape and overdubbing the wasn't until I was one day listening to the Black Dog's 'Bytes' album that I decided to invest in a sequencer. You just couldn't get that level of intricacy playing by hand...

NR: Any Belgian Dj's or Bands that have significantly influenced you throughout your career?
SD: How about a Belgian record label? Specifically R&S for bringing us Aphex Twin, CJ Bolland, Ken Ishii, DJ Hell, Outlander....... I suppose the obvious answer would be Soulwax but, as much as I like them, I wouldn't say they'd had any kind of influence on us. Can I have a Belgian cartoonist too? That would be Herge.

NR: You probably are very busy lately Dj'ing around Europe, what projects are you working on, or what projects will you be working on soon, and are you collaborating with anybody?
SD: At the moment I'm concentrating solely on finishing an album for Boysnoize which should be out in the Autumn. It's been harder work than I thought it would be ;-) So for now I've kind of stopped doing remixes and have had to turn down some gigs. There's a couple of Shadow Dancer remixes coming out soon (of Suicide Club on DGA FAU records and Missil on Citizen) and possibly a 12" release before the album, although that's not 100% certain. As for collaborations: I don't know how easy it'd be to work with other people as I imagine it would just end up in a lot of arguments over differing ideas. I'm not ruling it out, though....

NR: Lets talk a bit about that Nu Rockers night, how was it exactly, as you expected it to be I hope?
SD: I'm always a bit nervous before playing (especially if it's my first time in that country), as I've no idea whether or not the crowd will take to my track selection. And they don't always. But, thankfully, they did at Nu rockers ;-) It was actually better than I expected, as it was more of a party than a "club night". The promoters and people behind the scenes were as enthusiastic as the crowd and that always helps create an incredible atmosphere. I think the photographs from the night show that - it's like there was even a party in the DJ booth. I'm a very quiet, reserved person so it may have looked like I wasn't enjoying myself, but I loved was definitely one of my favourite DJing slots ;-)

NR: For you, what does Belgium represent, a part from having excellent chocolate or french fries?
SD: Being English, I'm going to have to plead ignorance about Belgium. Apart from news stories about the European Parliament, we don't hear much about it in the UK. Or we do and I'm just not paying attention. So now, for me, Belgium has become a place where I know a party is going to be a proper party, along with Berlin, Toulouse and Aachen....the kind of place where the crowds just enjoy themselves and don't seem so concerned with whether or not the music being played is "cool" enough: they just want to dance. I think some clubbers in Britain haven't got to that stage yet....

NR: Will we see you anytime soon again in Belgium?
SD: Oh yeah ;-) We're doing live sets with Les Petites Pilous in Antwerp on April 11th and Strip Steve in Neerpelt on May 16th, and it's looking likely we'll be either live or DJing at the Tomorrowland Festival in Boom on July 27th. So, I'm going to have plenty of chances to get to know Belgium.....and vice versa...

NR: A last word ?
SD: Yeah.....I left some CDs in the booth at the Factory.....anyone seen them? ;-)