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It's a Rave, Brussels!

Like an exploding blender chucking out glutinous smoothie mix, prepare to be doused with swathes of Warehouse Rock as quartet Trash Fashion continue their path to world domination with the release of the "Why Can't We be Friends" EP!

The New EP’s title track Why Can’t We Be Friends?, demonstrates a new depth to the band’s sonic landscape and marks a move towards the dark side. Trash Fashion’s evolved sound stands shoulder-to-shoulder with such genre bashing contemporaries as Hadouken!, The Ghost Frequency and The Horrors. The new material is a heady cocktail of grinding guitars, thunderous bass, spiralling synths and shattering vocals with a darker lyrical content.

Formed as a 2-piece in 2004 brothers Jet Storm (vocals) and Mason Storm (guitar) have fleshed out their act, joined now by K-Bomb (Bass) & Bam Bam (Drums). With a fusion of diverse influences (dance, rock, rave, emo, hardcore, hair metal) Trash Fashion have created a unique, catchy and attention-grabbing sound.

Their incendiary 4-man, full band, live show has seen them playing massive shows at The Scala, AITBF @ Canvas, supporting Faithless @ Birmingham NIA, Rio Club in Berlin, Vega in Copenhagen and Cinespace in L.A. as well as a number of dates across Europe and a 2-week tour in the US.

Trash Fashion have built up a huge gang of followers, creating a colourful scene in their wake. Their first single was given a limited DIY 10” only release in December 2006 and quickly sold out – sending 1000 copies of luminous yellow vinyl into the world.

Wednesday 30th April 2008
Trash Fashion @Nu-Rockers Live / Fête du Progrès

Super Super: Convincingly menacing and cute, Trash Fashion are Motley Crue meets The Muppet Show with a splash of Beastie Boys chucked in the mix

NME: Unlike the scene Trash Fashion really know how to throw a party!

The Times: The scene has it's own pin-up - Jet Storm, the singer from Trash Fashion.

Kissy Sell Out, Radio 1: The best thing to come out of Birmingham, I love this band - go and see Trash Fashion!

Disorder Magazine: Trash Fashion are Nu Rave’s answer to Duran Duran... Rawk it does!!

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