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Nu-Rockers - The Party 31-12-2007

With Krazy Baldhead representing Ed Banger, the label of Justice, Uffie, Sebastian and Dj Mehdi, "Nu-Rockers - The Party" will set the tone for 2008!

Manu from Montevideo as Dj Set will bring us a rock touch to juice up the electro-house banger vibe of this Nu Year's Eve!

Don't miss David Ghetto who will be there for the midnight's "countdown", and you can listen the latest mix from Narco Boys here:

listen - download

What a program.. and Just Say Yes still has to find some time to play in all of this!


Anonymous said...

Hi. Is it possible to buy tickets in advance? If so, how many? Dress code?

Er le Pamphylien said...

Hello, juste un message pour savoir s'il y a moyen de voir le line-up quelque part (s'il y en a un)


Je m'en fish said...

J'aimerais bien avoir le line-up et l'heure d'ouverture aussi :)