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Nu-Rockers party review by Happydays

"Nu Rockers, For Nu Years

At first we didn't know what to expect, the idea of a new "underground" concept was quite extraordinary for Brussels. Brussels does not tend to organize many electronic events, and if some are organised, they involve in most cases commercial music that can please a bigger majority of people; as we all know, commercial rhymes with profit.
We weren't exactly sure what to look forward to, apart that it was located in an old train station, and that it would have enough electronic music for us rave to, until we were bushed.

Past the big black curtain, we were exposed. The location was just perfect, an underground train station transformed into an ideal rave scene, past the big black curtain, the furious lights and the fat beats overwhelmed us. The 28-year-old eccentric David Ghetto (who's name is an obvious parody deriving from the famous French commercial Dj David Guetta) is not an unknown Dj, having already played for Bitchy Butch or Elle Flip, this Dj knows how to lay down some very very naughty beats. This guy obviously knows how to pump up an audience with an excellent show, mixing both creative rhythms and original costumes; he never fails to impress us.

Following Ghetto was a very intriguing set. You all most likely have heard of the famous Belgian rock band called Montevideo, well guess what; Manu, guitarist of the band gave us a beautiful DJ set last night, an unforgettable one. The Dj Set didn't involve only pure electronic sounds; for instance, Manu remixed the famous new song of The Hives, Broken Bones, it brought a great nu-rock vibe to the rave.

If you bought Ed Banger Records latest cd: "Ed Rec Volume 2", you would have all heard Krazy Baldhead's heavy beats. It was definitely one of the biggest expectations of the night; he started off big with his famous song "Strings of Death". Along side with Justice, Dj Mehdi, Sebastian or Mr Oizo, (managed by the labels head, Busy P a.k.a Pedro Winters) these talented musicians have brought a whole new vibe to the French and international underground electronic music scene, and it's only the beginning for these talents Dj's.

As the party was well on its way, the crowd became wilder and wilder, it was time for Breakbot from Moshi Moshi, Narco Boys, and the whole Nu Rockers crew (Including organiser and DJ Just Say Yes, who has already played several times at le Gazon summer festival at numerous occasions). The later it was in the morning, the better were the beats, the better was the crowd, and the better was the rave.

Can't wait till to see you all at first 2008 party !

- Happydays"

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